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July is Sizzlin at your Chamber!

We’re inviting you to a 90-minute song swap in Bastrop, Texas on July 15th from 7-9 pm. You’ll learn and be entertained by Country singer Sammy Sadler AND singer/songwriter Randy Carson. Both have strong historic ties to Country Music. Doors open at 6pm. There will be a full bar provided by Hero's Sports Bar at Community Gardens and a delicious food menu provided by Jean Lang Catering!

In 1989 Sammy Sadler was a critically-acclaimed newcomer to the country music fold, and had already charted several successful singles. He was ready to release his first album on Evergreen Records when tragedy struck. While out one evening on Nashville's famed 16th Avenue, he and friend Kevin Hughes were shot by a man wearing a ski mask. While Sammy survived, Hughes, who was the Cash Box Chart-manager, did not. Details on why the shooting happened would reveal a payola scandal that brought down the magazine and rocked the country music industry. It became known around the world as the Murder on Music Row.

After 13 and half years, they did eventually find the man who shot Kevin and Sammy. Sadler spent a long-time healing both mentally and physically. However, through the pain and challenges, one thing never changed and that was his love for country music and a desire to get back out on the road performing for audiences. His story is one of hope and inspiration.

Randy Carson has Texas Country Music roots that go back to before he was born. Randy’s father, is the legendary “Little Joe Carson", who was an artist on Capitol Records in the 60s. He worked with Elvis, Buddy Holly, Waylon Jennings, George Jones and Willie Nelson. Joe Carson is still considered one of the most respected singer and songwriters from Texas.

Randy writes, produces and plays most of the instruments on his recordings. He just finished his album "Life Is Good", which includes a duet with Willie Nelson. It’s one of two songs he recorded with Nelson, who suggested they do the duets. Randy’s song "Life Is Good" is his latest release to Texas radio.

Join us for this the incredible night of stories and music at the Hampton Inn Hotel in Bastrop, Texas.

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