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T.J. Finn Announces New Children's Book Series on Amazon

The Grand Adventures of Liam the Lamb

Memories are Forever

Liam the Lamb is experiencing sadness and grief after the loss of his parents. He moves to the zoo to live with his grandparents and finds a grand adventure awaiting him. Liam meets three new friends, Landon the Lion, Zoey the Zebra, and Olivia the Ostrich, and discovers that different is not always bad and memories are forever,

Note to Parents:

This is book one of The Grand Adventures of Liam the Lamb, a book series addressing mental health issues for children. Each book contains a back section for parents with information and resources to assist you in helping your child deal with the mental health issue addressed in the book in a healthy manner. Book 1 is about grieving the loss of a loved one. For more information visit:

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